Three Common Pitfalls Of Insurance Company SEO

24 June 2017
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Insurance agents will often find SEO the most effective way to get their message out there and be heard by potential customers. But that doesn't make it easy. There are many ways that SEO can become ineffective or redundant, especially in as competitive a market as insurance policies. Here are a few of the most common mistakes that are made by insurance brokers and agents -- and how to avoid them:

1. Not Appropriately Targeting a Geographic Location

An insurance company rarely targets a national level; most insurance companies are highly specialized to a certain area. When customizing SEO, the last thing a business needs is to be competing with insurance companies on a global scale. Instead, SEO should be tailored directly to the neighborhoods and regions surrounding the insurance company. This makes for a bigger fish in a smaller pond.

2. Repeating Redundant or "Evergreen" Information

It's a simple fact: there are more articles on the Internet about insurance than most people will ever need. These articles often repeat general purpose information, and while this can be a good way to fill a site out, it's not necessarily good for SEO. In terms of SEO, niche content is the most important: content that directly relates to the goals of the customer in a very specific way. Insurance companies are not going to have fantastic results with "What is Homeowner's Insurance?" but they may have better results with "What type of homeowner's insurance is best for condos in Encinitas, CA?"

3. Failing to Consider the Customer's Journey

Looking for car insurance doesn't begin with searching for "car insurance." In fact, searching for car insurance begins with looking for "getting a car loan," or even "getting a driver's license." Supporting a customer on their journey means engaging with them as early on as possible, to build up a relationship and establish yourself as a resource. Insurance companies should focus on bringing in customers through SEO early on: when they are buying a house, when they are having a child, or when they are getting a license.

Online marketing is especially effective for insurance companies; nearly everyone turns to the Internet first when they're looking for an insurance policy. But online marketing is also very competitive. If an insurance company isn't making the most of their SEO services, they could find themselves spending money without any real results. Instead, professional marketing services may need to be engaged.

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