How To Make Your Ecommerce Soap Shop Successful

27 October 2017
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You decided to try to branch out from your hobby of making soap and lotions to making a profit out of selling them, and not just to family and friends but to the general public. While selling online is not that easy and you will be faced with a lot of competition from other soap makers, you can make your store a success if you follow a few simple steps.

Take it Slow

The biggest mistake you can make when creating your e-commerce soap shop is rushing the process and opening the store too early. It can backfire badly if you launch your website or web store before you are ready to. It's OK to buy your domain name and start building your store or hiring a web designer to build it for you, but don't open the doors until you have made sure you have good written content on the site and SEO tags, and it's also important to begin your content marketing. Also, invest in paid advertising on major social media sites where you can create a large social media presence, like on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, to name a few.

Great Customer Experience

You don't have the advantage that a brick and mortar store does in the fact that your customers can't walk in and try out your lotions or smell your soaps. You have to compensate for this by creating a good customer experience. You need to describe each item in such a way that your customers can imagine they can smell each item or feel how your product will feel when they use them. Also, give details about why you priced them the way you did and, if possible, offer free shipping on certain orders.

User Testing

It is always a good idea before you launch to employ user testing to check out your website. You pay a company or several individual users to act like they are customers and test out your website. They will give you detailed information on things you might want to change, what's working, and what isn't and what your customers might think when they use your site.

Mobile Sites

Potential customers don't just use their computers to go shopping online. They use every device they own in some cases. This means your website needs to be supplemented by a mobile site, better known as a mobile version that people can see and use when they are on their tablets or smartphones. If you want your soap store to be successful and perhaps rise above the crowd, then you need to keep ahead of the tech trends and have a mobile site.

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