3 Tips For Developing Mobile Advertising Campaigns

6 March 2018
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Mobile advertising is among the easiest and more effective ways of utilizing your advertising dollars. Unfortunately, ads that do not hit their mark mean you have wasted dollars in your marketing budget, or worse, make people less inclined to purchase your brand. Before you launch your next campaign, make sure you are developing a campaign that is likely to be effective.

Understand Your Audience

It pays to invest in the tools necessary to better understand your audience, this can include demographic information from social media platforms or direct surveys of your customers. Not only does this information help fine-tune your ads, but you might discover stark differences between who follows you on social media and those who become paying customers. For example, your brand might appeal to a younger demographic on social media, but your customer-base could be young adults. The obvious difference could be money. Possibly, your brand does not feature more affordable options that are practical for teenagers. With this information, you might want to heavily promote some more affordable options on social media.

Be Tactful

Even the best advertising campaign can be ruined with bad ad placement. For example, if your ads will appear within mobile apps, it is best for this ad to appear when the ad starts or at some other lull in using the app, instead of impeding the user. A person playing a game or typing in a productivity app likely never saw your ad and is simply trying to find the "X" so they can move forward. Similarly, do not place any advertisements that are annoying on desktop or mobile websites. When an ad covers the entire page of has a stealth way of closing the ad, this simply leads to frustration and can even hurt your branding.

Avoid Silly Mistakes

Sometimes mobile advertising is fret with silly mistakes that end up costing you money. One such example is social media ads that appear to all people within your target demographic, regardless of whether they follow you on that platform. Your followers already know your brand exists and can see new products in their feed. There is a reason they are followers of your brand, so it is wasted money and effort to have your ads appear. In some cases, this might become annoying and make people want to unsubscribe from your account. Make sure your ads target people who most likely would buy your product, but may not know you exist.

Mobile advertising is necessary to reach more people across different platforms. Taking the time to design an effective mobile campaign will prevent wasted dollars and even increase your profits.