Natural Search Results For Your Local Business

10 May 2019
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When you have a locally run business, it's time to figure out your local SEO strategy. Marketing is tricky, especially for small businesses that don't have the resources to address marketing needs. As a local business, you want to market to those in your community who are seeking out your goods or services without reaching too far. If ads show up in California and your restaurant is in Massachusetts, you are going to spend wasted money advertising to those that can't possibly need your local business. Content creation and website updates all need to focus on your business and your chosen local SEO keywords. For those that don't have the time or skills it takes to create relevant content, local SEO services can help you.

Organic Search Traffic Is Best

Customers who are looking for your type of business are going to search the internet. Consider that you have a coffee shop that sells gluten-free cupcakes. You know that you have customers in your area who love the cupcakes, especially those who have gluten sensitivities. The content you create, your meta tags, and social media postings have to do more than simply state gluten-free cupcakes. Your keyword should be local, such as "Boston gluten-free cupcakes," or "gluten-free bakery in Boston." When you clearly identify your town within your keyword, this helps drive organic search traffic to your website.

Identify All of Your Pictures

You may have beautiful images on your website, but if they are all numbered and don't have names, you are missing out on a huge opportunity. Each image on your website should be tagged with a local SEO keyword phrase. Google can't visibly see your images, so you have to describe the image to Google bots for the image to be indexed. An imaged labeled "12344" tells Google nothing, while an image labeled, "Gluten-free cupcakes in Boston" will get indexed by search bots and add value to your website.

Pay Attention to Your Social Media Ads

It's easy to advertise to your local community on social media, but it's up to you to set the parameters. If you own a small local business, make sure that you advertise to your local area and not to the country. This goes for boosted social media posts as well, as you can choose who can see your post and who doesn't.

You can get natural search results, but you have to work at your local SEO. Continue to learn how to create engaging content and work with a marketing specialist as needed.