3 Often-Overlooked Reasons Marketing Is Important During An Economic Downturn

24 April 2020
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In the 1920s during one of the most horrendous depressions in history, Kellogg's cereal company made the decision to continue to market in spite of everything. The cereal giant back then, Post, had dropped out, so Kellogg's had a new level of clout, and their move helped pushed the brand to the top for the coming century. If this doesn't inspire you to keep on going with your digital marketing strategy in times of recession or uncertainty, check out some of the reasons why it is so important to market during an economic downturn even though it may seem logical to bow out. 

1. It is important to portray brand stability in trying times 

If you normally do a lot of marketing with a digital marketing agency's help, it is important to maintain that ongoing level of commitment during economically challenging times. Companies that drop out and stop advertising or communicating with customers portray an image of instability of the brand. Staying consistent sends a message that your company is strong enough to keep pushing forward in spite of the trying times, and that impression can really take root in the mind of a consumer. 

2. You get the opportunity to leave prospects with a good impression

Economic uncertainty is trying on everyone, from business owners right down to the consumers. In the midst of these times, rising up and showing your compassion as a business owner can really leave customers with a good impression.

If your company does something to help during the crisis or is offering a special deal because of the financial issues many are facing, make it known through a marketing effort. Or just let people know you care about what they are going through. Avoid being too salesy and put your compassionate face forward; it will do you good through the trying times and beyond. 

3. Competition may not be as fierce as usual 

During times of economic uncertainty, many business owners make cutbacks on marketing expenditures because they struggle to stay ahead. This can create an advantage for you if there is normally a lot of overshadowing marketing in your industry niche.

You may be able to create an ad, release a new product, or otherwise market your business in an arena that is far less crowded than usual. It is a bit like normally being the skinny guy who doesn't get picked in dodgeball on a day when all the big guys are out sick. There's not as much competition, so you're more likely to be noticed for the good qualities you do have. 

Reach Out to a Digital Marketing Agency for Help 

Even during an economic downturn, digital marketing agencies continue to push forward to help the clients they love to serve. If you would like help getting through an uncertain period, speak to a professional from one of these agencies for advice.