Elements You Can Refine by Looking at Storybrand Website Examples

7 December 2021
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A StoryBrand website incorporates story-telling elements that ultimately take users on a specific journey. Creating a site with this format can be just what you need to drive sales. Just make sure you go through some StoryBrand website examples first so that you can refine the following elements. 

Visual Elements

Part of creating an effective StoryBrand website is using visual elements that show users immediately what they're in store for. It lets you cut to the chase a lot faster, whether you sell sports attire or baby products. If you go through StoryBrand website examples that are relevant to your type of business, then you can see what visual elements are having the most success.

For example, if you go through StoryBrand website examples that focus on selling dessert products, you might see delicious treats displayed at the top of the page to draw users in. You can then use the same tactics and have more success marketing something in particular. 

Calls to Action

You want to have the right visual elements incorporated throughout your StoryBrand website, but you also need calls to action. That will make people more likely to buy products or use your company's services. 

Even if you've never used them on your website before, you can learn what makes them successful by going through StoryBrand website examples. There are plenty of examples you can view online for free. In a short period of time, you'll have clear insights on the type of wording to use in your calls to action and where to include them on different pages.

Competitive Edge

There are going to be competitors in your space also trying to get customers using StoryBranding tactics. You thus need a way to stand apart from them, which won't be that hard if you look at a couple of StoryBrand website examples.

You can see what makes each one of them unique in their own way, whether it's wording, colors, or the overall StoryBranding structure. Then you can come up with a distinct StoryBrand website of your own in no time, getting current and potential customers more excited to browse through your website.

If you're looking to use StoryBranding tactics when creating a company website, make sure you look at some examples first. Then you'll be able to see what truly works for others and subsequently, have more direction about what tactics to implement from the very beginning of website development.