What To Look For When Choosing The Right Property Management CRM Software

6 December 2022
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If you operate a property management business, then you know how many competing responsibilities need to be tackled every day. From tracking leads and creating marketing materials to generating leases and collecting payments, there is always something important to do. That is where property management CRM software can be utilized to help. CRM technology acts as a one-stop database to hold and maintain all of the information you require to be successful in real estate. Here are 3 essential factors to look for as you search for the right property management CRM software to incorporate into your business.

1) Effective Lead Tracking

A vital feature of your property management CRM software is an efficient way to track your leads. This is particularly important if there is significant interest in your properties. The more rental applications you receive, the more difficult it can be to manage your list of prospective tenants. The property management CRM solution you choose should offer a system that captures the pertinent information about each possible renter in one place so you can see all of your leads at a quick glance. The software should also have search functionality that automatically pairs potential tenants with matching properties based upon criteria that you set. Effective lead tracking will save you a great deal of time so be sure that this feature is included in the CRM software that you pick.

2) Easy Rent And Payment Collection

Another way that property management CRM software can eliminate extra work on your part is through automated payment collection. Having to gather rent monies from various tenants in person can be time-consuming, especially if you do not live in the same geographic location as a property that you manage. Look for a property management CRM solution that handles this task for you by permitting tenants to pay their rent or related fees electronically on a website at any time of day. You may also wish to select an option that can send automatic reminders to your renters a few days before payments are due. A CRM software with a reliable rent collection method will allow you to focus on other aspects of your business beyond managing money.

3) Maintenance Request Coordination

Staying on top of numerous maintenance requests from tenants is tricky without a simple way to oversee all of the projects. At any given moment, you may have dozens of things to take care of at different properties. You need to know what step each task is currently on and what action items are still required in order to properly take care of each request. The best property management CRM software will have a method for gathering every request into a single location, whether a tenant notifies you about the problem via telephone call or email. Additionally, the software should be able to prioritize the concerns based on urgency and help you compile a list of contractors and services that can fix any issue on a property.

Picking the right solution to keep track of all the moving pieces related to your property management business can be a challenge. Fortunately, looking for the factors above will help you find the right property management CRM software for your needs.