Graphic Design Principles To Enhance Your Professionalism

22 August 2023
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Although graphic design work can seem easy, it's actually a complex process to create designs that are not only beautiful but showcase your business as a professional entity. There are multiple principles used to create the right designs.


Many clients of graphic designers erroneously believe that when the designer presents them with something simple, it means they did not do any work. Simplicity is important in logos and website design to minimize clutter and not detract from the purpose of the business. When you think of major brands, their logo is generally simple, yet memorable. You want a clean website that is easy for visitors to navigate. A mistake many clients make when trying to do their own design work is to overburden their website with images and graphics. Not only does this make the website look cluttered, but it reduces the look of professionalism. Similarly, the use of white space is important for design. A clean website generally uses adequate white space to break up sections of the website and not look "busy."

Color Theory

Using complementary colors is the easiest and most popular form of color scheme. Complementary colors are located on opposite sides of the color wheel, such as blue and orange. When using a complementary color scheme, each color allows the other color to stand out. Other types of color schemes are used when you want more than two colors for a logo or website or to develop continuity between different design projects for the same business. A triadic color scheme would be a way to use three colors that all work well together. In a triadic scheme, the three colors are equally spaced on the color wheel. For example, if your primary color is orange, violet and green would be the other two colors. 


The use of typography is similar to color theory because the right font is not only visually appealing but can be used to convey a message. Your designer will want to stick with specific fonts that are easy to read. More decorative fonts might work well for a brand name or logo but generally are frustrating to read on a website. Size and space are other elements of typography that affect aesthetics and readability. The project will dictate the size of typography and the amount of space necessary so the words can be read at the appropriate distance.

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